Mandatory Auto Insurance Laws

What Are Mandatory Auto Insurance Laws? Since the prospect of mandatory health insurance is such a hot topic, it made me think about similar rules we have in place to require drivers to purchase car insurance. Every US state has a law which requires us to prove we are financially responsible in order to be a legal… Read More »

Where to Find and Get Cheap Auto Insurance?

Where to find cheap auto insurance? Surprisingly I still see this question asked often on the Internet forums and boards. We all know everyone wants to save money and get the cheapest auto insurance policy that best suits their needs. In my opinion, overpaying for insurance is basically flushing money down the toilet, so doing… Read More »

Tips to Select The Best Insurance Policy With Auto Insurance Quotes

When you buy a new car, it is more important for you to select proper auto insurance policy. Getting an insurance policy is not only a mandatory requirement, but also it is vital for you take over the risks of any unfortunate accident involving damages to your vehicle or others causing fiscal losses. For choosing… Read More »

The History of Travel Insurance

Sometimes it seems that insurance cannot be more than a hundred years old … after all, before 1900 there were few people that owned cars, most built their houses by hand and did not take out an enormous bank loan for it, and there was almost no overseas travel (after all, many people had to… Read More »

Understanding Your Auto Insurance Premium

What’s with all the mystery? Fred and Marcy live right down the street and they pay less than I do for their auto insurance premiums. Why is my rate so different? To most people the way insurance companies calculate premiums seems completely random. Let me assure you it is NOT. Insurance companies spend millions of… Read More »

How to Get a Cheap Auto Insurance Quote

It’s always an exciting experiencing purchasing a new car. Now you have to find the best way to protect it. This means getting auto insurance with the best coverage for the lowest price. Without auto insurance, you are basically a ticking bomb waiting to explode. So many bad things can happen with just one accident.… Read More »

Tips For Reducing the Rates of Term Life Insurance

A lot of the potential customers out there do not seem to have any idea of the diverse kinds of insurance policies that are available in the market. In fact they also seem to know the bare minimum about the rates and the premiums. In such circumstances and with such scarcity of information the customers… Read More »

Pointers For Evaluating the Best Car Insurance

Finding the best car insurance for your car more often than not is a difficult task. There are so many insurance companies giving all kinds of insurance covers that it becomes hard for the customer to go ahead and figure out which one would be the best one for him. Depending on the requirements of… Read More »