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London Hotels – The City

The part of London referred to as “The City” is an area covering roughly one square mile densely populated with offices. It’s home to the Bank of England and London Stock Exchange. The City is London’s business and finance hub, so if you’ve come here to work in those industries it makes sense to look… Read More »

London Hotels – Covering Covent Garden

Within central London, there are many districts that cater to a variety of shopping and entertainment needs. Among these is one known as the Covent Garden district, which includes the City of Westminster and the London Borough of Camden. It is a primary hub for travelers and tourists thanks to the numerous shops, restaurants, theaters,… Read More »

See the Other Side of London in Cheap North London Hotels

London has plenty of attractions for the first-time tourist – from the Houses of Parliament, Harrods and Buckingham Palace. For those who have already visited these well-trodden sites London, it may be time to cast the net wider. If you want to see the other side of London it isn’t a necessity to stay in… Read More »

Franchises-Exit Strategy

At an International Franchising Symposium in London, Peter Holt made the bold statement to his audience of Franchisors that they needed to understand that their business would fail, and in fact all businesses are bound for failure. Needless to say, there were a few shocked faces in the crowd. He was making the point that… Read More »

The Phantom Industry

The U. S. Constitution was ratified before the Industrial Era came into existence. To all intents, the Republic’s overall political structure was implemented in the days of agricultural quasi-feudalism, which goes to show that the economy, though a powerful factor in a country’s makeup, does not have to dictate how we the people should live… Read More »

ریحام خان نے سوشل میڈیا پر اپنی ایسی تصوشئیر کر دی کہ دیکھنے والے آنکھیں جھپکنا ہی بھول گئے کیونکہ ۔۔۔۔۔

ریحام خان نے ٹوئٹراورانسٹاگرام پر اپنی چند تصاویر شیئرکیں ہیں جن میں وہ روایتی پختون شٹل کاک برقع اوڑھے نظر آرہی ہیں۔ تصاویر میں ریحام برقع میں ملبوس کافی خوش لگ رہی ہیں۔ ریحام نے ٹوئٹر پرجلال شیرازی کا شکریہ ادا کرتے ہوئے کہا کہ ’’بالآخر مجھے برقع مل گیا جس کے لیے میں نے… Read More »