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The Different Types of Business Insurance

In the UK there are many different types of Business Insurance. It’s because of this diversity that the options available can sometimes be confusing. So for a new business that has no staff or an existing enterprise with teams of employees it’s important to decide what level of insurance you must have and those that… Read More »

FAQs About Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle insurance is one of the biggest costs involved in riding your motorcycle. Whether your ride is a scooter or a sports bike it’s best to get the best value insurance policy that covers everything you need. What determines the cost of motorcycle insurance Your personal details In the insurance business, age is a common… Read More »

Usual London Hotels – Some Examples

Ready to go on holiday in the queen’s city with much cash in your kitty? There is no reason why you wouldn’t want to stay out of the ordinary in your choice of hotel to lodge as long as you can afford it. I am here to provide you with some of the unusual hotel… Read More »

Franchises-Exit Strategy

At an International Franchising Symposium in London, Peter Holt made the bold statement to his audience of Franchisors that they needed to understand that their business would fail, and in fact all businesses are bound for failure. Needless to say, there were a few shocked faces in the crowd. He was making the point that… Read More »

Restaurant Designers

It is significant for people to dine in restaurants. First question that pops out while writing on restaurant designers is what is the first thing you notice about the restaurant? The answer probably would be very simple and to guess you would definitely look at the construction and designing . They are usually classified and… Read More »

Gatwick Aviation Museum – A Unique Display of Aviation Prowess

Located in the small village known as Charlwood, the Gatwick Aviation Museum was initially a private collection of planes which belonged to a wealthy English businessman named Peter Vallance. He began his valuable collection with the Sea Hawk that he had bought to improve the level of security of his business park. However, as time… Read More »

A Short Break To Disneyland Paris At Christmas

If you live in the United Kingdom, then it is only a short and an ideal trip to go on with the kids just before Christmas. They get to meet Mickey Mouse and all the Disney characters they want in France. It is an entertaining break for the whole family that is always exciting and… Read More »

The Carnegie Secret To Success

Sometime ago, my lovely wife woke me up in the middle of the night and said, ‘Dayo, you know what? I feel neglected.’ I was speechless. She then went on to say that for sometime now I have been spending more time on my work to the detriment of the family. She further explained that… Read More »

How to Make Money With Short Term Rentals

Whether you are going away for a few weeks and want to make an income on your own property or you are thinking of buying an investment property and reaping the rewards of a good return on your investment, there are things you can do to improve your ability to make money with short term… Read More »