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By | November 23, 2017

Job fairs have been around for a fair amount of time. The concept is simple: groups of companies or industries get together to showcase the latest jobs on offer and people can come in with their resumes and apply. Job fairs benefit both the aspirant employees and the prospective employers. There are different types of job fairs. Some cater for a variety of business types while others are industry specific.

E-Health Insider held their second Healthcare IT Careers Forum in London last month. The annual event was hosted at the Hotel Russel and showcased a variety of career opportunities in the health IT sector. Seminars were run throughout the day and leading recruitment specialists in the field gave advice on the industry. There were roughly 200 attendants this year and 10 exhibitors.

The UK holds a number of Career Fairs for post-grad students looking to enter internships, full-time jobs or training. The Guardian Autumn Graduate Fair provides university students and recent graduates with opportunities to meet recruitment agencies. There are opportunities within a variety of industries, as well as gap year alternatives for those not wishing to rush into a full time job. The event is held annually every October, at the old Billingsgate. Entry is free of charge.

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Another Graduate Fair is the Science Fair, held at the Imperial College. The fair is aimed at final year students, graduates, postgraduates and pre-final year students. The next fair will be held on the 6th of February 2008. Participants in the fair will include recruitment agencies that specialise in the fields of science and technology.

If science and technology isn’t your thing, attend the fair at the University of Leicester, which addresses Information about Management, Finance and Business. The event takes place in the Queen’s hall at the Student’s Union. The fair presents opportunities in business management and other financial and professional services. The fair lasts a full day and will next take place on the 27th of February 2008.

If you are a student still studying and are looking to do internships during your vacation, there are career fairs that can help. The Vacation Work and Volunteering Fair will be held at the University of Bath on the 7th of February 2008. A variety of industries offer part time or short-term work for students looking to gain experience in their field of study.

Job fairs have advantages that include allowing employees to introduce themselves to companies that they are interested in, rather than simply sending in a resume and hoping for the best. This can serve as a short interview, which allows the companies to gain extra insight into aspirant employees’ personalities.

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